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Early Days

Redmond Park was developed by the Bever family as part of the city of Cedar Rapids’ early expansion in the late 1800s. Originally named Bever Park, the park was renamed after Mayor John C. Redmond when the present-day Bever Park was gifted to the City by the Bever family.

Used as a gathering space for the community, the park hosted evening parties under electrified lighting, and from its earliest days was adorned with beautiful flowers.

Home of the Redmond Park football and baseball teams.

Soutter Fountain

An ornate water trough was placed in the park by the Soutter family in the 20th century. The fountain was later moved to the Water Works building, but returned to the park after neighborhood organization. The garden surrounding the fountain is maintained by neighborhood volunteers.


1980/90’s – Splash Pad & Playground

2010/20’s – Improvements and Programming Efforts