Redmond Park

The Redmond Park project is dedicated to leveraging innovative programming and the arts to improve the safety, livability and potential of the Wellington Heights neighborhood.

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Program the Park

Focusing centralized activity in the heart of Wellington Heights will be a game-changer for the neighborhood. Committing to ongoing programming in this shared space will be the key to unlocking a more neighborly, prosperous, and strong Wellington Heights.

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Park Improvements

Our transformative strategy will begin with small and cheap improvements to activate the park space — like more seating and shade trees — with room to expand to larger infrastructure investments as our movement grows.

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Join our Mission

Help us improve Redmond Park by joining our volunteer taskforce. We’ll get you plugged in to an area that interests you.

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Support us

Park improvements, event insurance, art installations, and tree plantings all take money. Make a small donation to support our cause.

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