Program the Park

A primary objective for the Redmond Park project is this game-changing initiative. By focusing centralized activity and amenities in the heart of Wellington Heights, the neighborhood can benefit from an extension to its collective front porch.

Committing to ongoing programming in this shared space will be the key to unlocking a more neighborly, prosperous, and strong Wellington Heights.

A crucial innovative measure, programming the park will produce several advantages:

  • Positive neighborhood activity and vibrancy
  • Eyes on the street
  • Alternatives for youth
  • Low- and no-cost activities meet neighborhood needs

The Vision

Dancing in the Park — Congress Square, Portland, Maine [photo: Corey Templeton]

From Project for Public Spaces:

[…] An energized grassroots campaign, orchestrated by the Friends of Congress Square Park, spurred newfound attention and appreciation for the park, which ultimately led to its preservation. […] They have implemented Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper interventions, regular collaborative programming, active management, and new outdoor furniture and activities. This work has established the park as a key destination for Portland’s residents and visitors, featuring local businesses, cultural institutions, and Portland’s bustling local arts scene.


One of the main reasons for the resurgence of the public square is that they bring livability and many diverse benefits to a city—at a lower cost and greater speed than traditional large-scale developments. Public squares that emerge through a Placemaking process are sustained by community buy-in can:
• catalyze private investment and foster grassroots entrepreneurial activities.
• nurture identity, encourage volunteerism, and highlight a community’s unique values.
• draw a diverse population and serve as a city’s “common ground.”

Successful squares—those that are sustainable both economically and socially—draw different kinds of people with a series of dynamic places within them offering many choices of things to do—socializing, eating, reading, playing a game, interacting with art, etc.

The Re-emergence of the Public Square, via Project for Public Spaces

Transformative Work

We are looking for volunteer coordinators and activity leaders. Interested? Drop us a line.

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